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Sorry, We're Closed -- We Moved to South Carolina

Linda Lou's Health Foods was a family owned and operated health food market that closed in August, 2006. We were very proud to serve the people of Deland and surrounding West Volusia towns and we will miss you.

Many of us have discounted our lives by becoming dependent on overly processed foods. One of our core beliefs is that lifestyle and food choices such as a whole food diet can restore health and help the body function better.

Up to 70 % of all packaged goods (super markets) contain genetically modified ingredients. - Wired

We invite you to come visit us at Linda Lou's. We have thousands of unique, fun and quality products as well as an experienced staff to help you find the health food products that will unlock your potential and empower you to create your own extraordinary health.

Our goal is to help improve the people's lives we touch. We want to provide you with accurate information, thereby empowering you to make the correct product choices for yourself and your family.

Eight out of ten Americans now die from either coronary heart disease or cancer.
-World Health Organization

Why Buy Organic Produce?

Grocery market produce is saturated with chemicals. Okay, so the world is full of pollutants and chemicals. Why eat them?
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No bug spray on us!

Linda Lou's Produce Club

Linda Lou's Produce Club offers 100% Certified Organic Produce at 25% above our cost. Anyone can join with no entry fee.
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Available Produce

Here is this weeks list of available organic produce, which can be picked up by Produce Club Memebers from noon on Tuesday until the close of business on Wednesday.
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86% of americans do not get enough vitamin E and nearly half are low in vitamin C mainly because they do not eat enough produce.
-U.S. Department of Agriculture

Linda Lou's only sells "Certified Organic" produce, which is grown using sustainable agricultural techniques and is free of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fumigants and synthetic fertilizers. Certified Organic Produce is never genetically engineered or modified, and is never irradiated. At Linda Lou's, we are committed to how we care for the earth, ourselves and our children and therefore, we are totally committed to "Certified Organic" produce.

Store Hours
M-F: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

140 N Woodland Blvd
Deland, FL 32720
fax 386.740.8206

Discount Day
1st Tuesday of the Month
20% Off, except
10% Off Produce/Dairy

Produce Club Sign Up
To sign up for our weekly Produce Club Click here

All of the information on this website is for informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before taking any supplements listed on this website.

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